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College Students’ Societies Union of GXCVU

College Students’ Societies Union of GXCVU College Student Societies Union of Guangxi City Vocational University (hereinafter referred to as “the Societies Union”) was established on September 2, 2008. The Societies Union is an independent management organization that carries out extracurricular activities independently under the leadership of the School Party Committee and the guidance of School Youth League Committee.

The purpose of the the Societies Union is to carry out the Party's educational policy, guide students to organize extracurricular activities effectively. It aims to expand the students' knowledge, enrich their extracurricular life, provide good conditions for the cultivation of the overall quality of students and create a good atmosphere for the construction of campus culture.

The mission of the Societies Union is to manage all legally established students’ societies, guide the activities of students’ societies, support the work of the school Youth League Committee about students, promote the students’ societies to carry out colorful extracurricular activities, ensure the healthy and orderly development of students’ societies in our university, so as to serve the school, students and teachers better, and organize more and more influential and meaningful campus activities.